About Me

Hey! I'm Megha Pathak. This blog is my digital sky, I breathe ideas, my learnings and experiences here.

Glad to see you here! I am a Product-minded, curiosity-driven Developer passionate about envisioning and developing great products. I often write about Product Management, Community building and Web Development.

I've been hanging around on the internet from long while self-learning experimenting with everything and anything that piques my interest, so I remember a time when websites were fun, decentralized, personal havens of creativity. Through all these years there are so many things that I explored about myself and the world around me, I want this blog to be a beautiful corner of the web, where I document my exploration while encouraging others to make their own as well.

Tighten your belt and let me fly you through this blog. ✈️

ğŸŒŽ First destination - Open Source

I also like to make open source projects, all of which can be found on GitHub. When I started my journey with Open Source development, it instantly made me fall in love with it. I am a preacher of the notion of learning by doing and Open Source definitely amplified it for me. 🔭 Building Season of Design at CodeUino these days. If you love any Open Source Project or Community. Do let me know, I would love to know about and Contribute to it.

📃 Second destination - Learn in Public

This the list of things to learn and/or write about.

🛠 Third destination - Reach out to me for!

Most of us are lost in the sea of internet (since, too much information so less classification). To save you from getting lost in this blog, I am listing the things that I love work on and guide people around them -

  • Community Building
  • Web Developement
  • React Ecosystem
  • Open Source Developement
  • Product Management and Strategy
  • UI/UX
  • Front-end development
  • Personal Branding for Students
  • Effective Writing/Blogging

If you want to discuss any of these topics you can even shoot me an email at midnight (and I will probably respond to it instantly).

The flight is not over yet. Shoot me an email or connect through the social links present at the top right corner. Let's take our conversation further (Maybe we find some common destinations between us).